Placecloud publishes microdocumentaries of place.

Scholars, writers and other interesting people use their smartphones to make short documentaries about specific places. These places are the opposite of landmarks: they're the seemingly anonymous places that surround our everyday lives. Placecloud reveals that no place is truly anonymous. Every place is touched by human culture.

Placecloud enables scholars, writers and other kinds of storyteller across the world to share their visions of specific places.

Placecloud reveals the world's 'inner geography'.

Our Mission

Placecloud hopes to enlighten and entertain.

But we are also on a more fundamental mission: the 'rehabilitation of place'.

What does that mean? Why does 'place' need rehabilitating? Placecloud's founders noticed a troubling phenomenon at the heart of contemporary society:

  1. Human meaning is draining out of the physical world and accumulating online
  2. As a result, the tangible world feels increasingly homogenous, abstract and hollow
  3. Faced with an increasingly empty world, our attention is drawn more intensely to the digital realm in search of satisfaction
  4. This further enriches the digital world at the expense of the physical
  5. Etc.

Placecloud is an attempt to resist and reverse this phenomenon. It uses technology as a means to draw us into, rather than out of, the tangible, physical world of people and places.