Eleanor Janega's London

Which London garden grew strawberries so delicious that Shakespeare gave them a mention in one of his plays?

Which medieval church - founded after the miraculous cure of an illness - is so beautiful that it features in such classics as Four Weddings and a Funeral, and Transformers: the Last Knight?

Which iconic London building has a Roman amphitheatre in its basement, the biggest in Britannia, where Roman Londoners would regularly watch non-Roman slaves fight each other to the death?

There’s only one way to find out! Join Eleanor Janega on her virtual cultural tour of London, exclusive to Placecloud. It’s free!


Eleanor leads us on a tour of six fascinating buildings around London, each one of them the site of layered and interweaving stories across two thousand years of London’s history, from the Romans all the way up to the present day. The story of the Knights Templar as canny businessmen? It’s here. The story of Tom, the goose who escaped the slaughter and lived to 35? Tick.


Enjoy the tour on your laptop or phone. Excitingly, you can also experience the tour in virtual reality. Get hold of a pair of Google Cardboard (£11, here) and you’ll be so immersed in Eleanor’s London you’ll think you’re there.


A bit of housekeeping

To listen to the Eleanor’s narration, once inside the tour press the “settings” icon in the top-right - it looks like a cog. Select “turn narration on”. Easy.

If you want to experience the tour in virtual reality, simply select the VR icon in the top right of the screen, slot your smartphone into your Google Cardboard (or equivalent), and away you go!

Enjoy, and be sure to share on your social media and tell your friends - this is the link:

We want as many people to be edu-tained as possible!