How to create a placecast

We want your stories to sing. Here are a few ideas that will help you create the perfect placecast:

  1. If you can, get hold of a lapel microphone (if you can't - no worries, a headphones mic will do, or anything you can get hold of)
  2. Focus your story on a specific place (not a general area). It could be a building, a bridge, a garden, a tree, a park bench, a street corner, a field, or just about any place!
  3. Assume you're on radio, i.e. assume your listener can't see what you see. Describe it to them.
  4. The most popular placecasts are around 2 - 4 minutes long. 3 minutes seems to be the sweet spot.
  5. Speak slowly. So slowly it feels strange.
  6. Give your listener a sense of where the place is by describing its surroundings. E.g. "We're standing outside X... to our left is Y... to our right is Z... behind us is..."
  7. The placecast should be evergreen.  This means avoiding phrases like "next year" or "last month". Instead, say "in 2020" or "In July 2019". This way the placecast will always make sense.
  8. No plugging or selling. There must not have been any exchange of money associated with the placecast.
  9. Placecasts should never be offensive or name a living person.