How to create a placecast

We want your stories to sing. Here are a few ideas that will help you create the perfect placecast:

  1. If you can, get hold of a lapel microphone (if you can't - no worries, a headphones mic will do)
  2. Get under your duvet! Seriously... if you can't then be on your sofa surrounded by pillows. The more soft furnishings around you when you record, the better it will sound.
  3. Download any popular smartphone voice recording app, and get recording!
  4. Speak slowly, so slowly that it feels strange.
  5. Describe everything about your object (e.g. building) as though you're talking on radio - most of your listeners will be listening as though to the radio.
  6. Begin with a detailed description of the object. Spend at least 10 seconds on this.
  7. Next, give a detailed description of where the object is, to orientate your listener. Describe the rest of the street. Describe where the street is in relation to the city. Describe any landmarks there may be, and how far away they are on foot, and in what direction. Spend at least another 10 seconds on this.
  8. After that, it's up to you! Let your enthusiasm and passion come through, and your listeners will feel it.
  9. The most popular placecasts are around 2 - 4 minutes long. 3 minutes seems to be the sweet spot.
  10. The placecast should be evergreen.  This means avoiding phrases like "next year" or "last month". Instead, say "in 2020" or "In July 1987". This way the placecast will always make sense.