Intro to My Landmarks

Our mission here at Placecloud is to reveal the cultural significance of the everyday places that surround us, at home and abroad. To achieve this aim, we’ve invented something called the ‘placecast’, or place-specific podcast.

Placecasts are short audio recordings with GPS coordinates attached to them. This means that, despite being digital, they exist out in the physical world. Our users can listen to them while being physically present at the places they refer to.

This is very exciting - placecasts can really change the way you experience a place forever. They reveal the human-scale stories that lie hidden in buildings and places everywhere. The more placecasts you listen to, the more the everyday world that surrounds you comes alive. This is our vision.

Placecasts are of course fantastic for cultural experts - the guardians of those human-scale stories we’re talking about. But from the beginning we’ve intended that Placecloud be used by everyone. We all have stories to tell, and all our stories happened somewhere.

They may be personal experiences; they may stories told to us by our friends; they may be stories from our family histories. But all these stories have the potential to bring places to life for whoever listens to them as placecasts.

This is where the #mylandmarks project comes in. So far, Placecloud has been used by fascinating cultural experts - historians, cultural geographers, journalists. They’ve made a load of excellent placecasts. But it’s time to open up Placecloud to the public. We want to hear your stories. And we want to listen to them in-situ, as placecasts.

In association with the Sound Walk Sunday 2019 festival - a global arts festival of all things sound, place, and walking, taking place for the month of September 2019 - we’re opening up Placecloud to the public.

We want you to get creative and start making placecasts. They’re really fun to make, and by publishing your stories as placecasts you’ll be giving a chance for anyone to hear them. Your placecasts will bring places to life. It’s a wonderful project - please do get involved, and tell your friends, family, and community organisations to join in!

Here is some more info on the #mylandmarks project here

And here’s how to submit here

Let’s get recording!