My Landmarks

We’re delighted to announce the My Landmarks project, a collaborative initiative between Placecloud and the international festival Sound Walk Sunday 2019.

For My Landmarks, we're opening up Placecloud to our wonderful audience and encouraging you to submit your own personal placecasts, which we'll publish in the Placecloud app for the month of September 2019. We want to hear about your own personal landmarks - the places that are meaningful and significant to you. 

Here’s your chance to record your personal impressions, stories or descriptions of buildings or places anywhere in the world, for others to enjoy. We'll be sure to post them on our social media channels to spread them far and wide!

Making a placecast is really good fun, and we want as many people to have a go as possible. Your placecast might be:

  • A story from your life
  • A story from your family's history
  • A memory
  • A description
  • An experience
  • A song
  • A joke
  • An impression
  • An interpretation
  • A poem
  • A vision
  • Something you made up
  • A piece of activism
  • A gripe
  • A diatribe
  • A delight

Submit as many placecasts as you like. Submission is easy - simply record your placecast on any voice-recording app on your phone and send us the audio file, along with the address of the place. We'll do the rest. More detailed instructions HERE

My Landmarks is in association with Sound Walk Sunday 2019, a global festival 9 months in the planning that will feature artists, sound enthusiasts and walkers from all around the world. The festival lasts for the month of September, kicking off on Sunday 1st September. The festival is organised by The Museum of Walking and Made of Walking.

We’ve created a new "My Landmarks" category in the Placecloud app. Simply select this category in the map & feed, and you’ll see the submissions.

Go for it! Here’s your chance to be creative, and to share your stories of places with the world!