Send microdocs to via WeTransfer.

Each submission should consist of:

  1. An audio or video file
  2. An image of the object
  3. The address of the object (if no address then GPS coordinates)
  4. A summary description of the microdoc (max 35 words)
  5. Your Bio (if it's your first submission)

WeTransfer is extremely simple to use. One microdoc per transfer please.

By submitting a microdoc to us you are agreeing to our Terms of Service.

Rules & Regulations

  1. No landmarks or obviously famous places. 
  2. Must be a specific building or place (not a general area)
  3. Duration of microdocs should ideally be less than 5 minutes long
  4. For video, must be POV (Point of View - i.e. you must be heard but not seen)
  5. Whether audio or video, you must narrate as if for a radio broadcast. I.e. Assume your audience cannot see the object. Everything must be described.
  6. Always begin by giving full geographical context. E.g. "We're standing outside X... to our left is Y... to our right is Z... behind us is..."
  7. Content must be evergreen - no reference to relative time. e.g. "Next year the building will be..." or "Last month the council..." The microdocumentary be as true in five years as it is today.
  8. No plugging or selling. There must not have been any exchange of money associated with the microdocumentary.